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Jade Air Purifier - Surgically Clean Air

Jade™ Air Purifier, in partnership with Surgically Clean Air, helps in removing harmful viruses, pollutants, and airborne contamination. Fresh air can help keep our staff alert and also reduce any facility odor. This air purifier protects other dental equipment from dust build-up.

Vaniman -Aerosol Extraction Unit

The Vanguard aerosol extraoral dental suction unit is designed to extract chairside aerosols during aerosol-generating procedures. It utilizes a medical-grade HEPA filter that helps to capture microbes such as viruses or other contaminants and reduce about 96% of aerosols.


DryShield does multiple tasks as a high-suction evacuator, shields your tongue, blocks your bite, and protects the oral pathway. This device makes performing procedures easy and comfortable for the dentist as well as patients providing the satisfying result in a little chair time.

Cerec PrimeScan Digital Scanner

CEREC Primescan Digital Scanner is one of the most advanced digital scanners available in the market. It offers accurate digital impressions that are required to create the restoration. It provides more data with a higher resolution which makes it easy to create high-resolution models.

Gemini Laser

The Gemini diode laser is a dual-wavelength soft tissue diode laser. This unique technology makes the process fast, efficient, with smoother cutting causing less tissue tagging. This innovative design has a stunning process of the transparent electroluminescent display.

DigiDoc Irix X80 intraoral Camera

DigiDoc IRIX X80 intraoral Camera is a powerful diagnostic tool that is used in easy transitions from the images of large areas (which includes the entire bite) to images of smaller areas (which includes a single tooth). These clear images help in educating patients about their mouth or other dental condition and create a treatment plan accordingly.

DigiDoc LUM

DigiDoc LūM can help find tooth decay that can't even be detected using Digital Xray. This tool uses well-proven sub-enamel illumination diagnostic methods for detection purposes. This compact, easy-to-use device not only detects decay but also provides instant documentation of the findings.

Porter Sentry Sedate Portable Nitrous

The Porter Sentry Sedate is the newest Nitrous Oxide Sedation System that holds 2 Oxygen and 2 Nitrous Oxide cylinders which are secured with dual locking doors. We use this system in our dental office to make your visit more convenient and comfortable.


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