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General Dentistry refers to a range of treatments and dental procedures that are performed to maintain good oral health. General dentists help to evaluate, prevent, diagnose and treat dental diseases. They also assure proper maintenance and function of the teeth. Diamond Star Dental provides an array of services under general dentistry to the patients, a few of which have been provided below. 

Treatments under General Dentistry

General dentists offer restorative and cosmetic dental treatments to patients. 

Tooth Extraction:Some dental conditions are irreparable due to damage caused by accidents or the spread of infections. Dentists perform tooth extraction as a remedy to alleviate the pain caused by the dental condition. Most people undergo complications with the wisdom tooth and dentists consider it vital to remove the tooth to avoid further complications.

Dental Crown:Damaged and discolored teeth can hamper the appearance of the patient. A dental crown is a cap that is worn over the tooth to conceal the damages. It is custom-made according to the color of the patients' teeth. The treatment restores the appearance and function of the teeth. 

Root Canal:Tooth decay and cavities cause damage to the teeth. It may spread the bacteria to other parts of the mouth and spread infections. A root canal is a dental process that helps to remove the decayed pulp from the teeth. 

Dental Fillings: It is a dental treatment for patients who have undergone root canal therapy. The hole created by the bacteria is cleaned and filled with dental fillings. There are various materials like composite resin and metal that are used as fillings for the tooth. 

Dental Implants: Missing teeth can be restored through a dental implant procedure. The dentists place a metal post into the jawbone, which mimics the tooth root. An artificial prosthesis like a dental crown or denture is placed over the implant, which helps to provide a functional tooth to the patients. 

Benefits of General Dentistry 

  • General dentists help patients to prevent dental diseases.
  • They evaluate dental health and remove the buildup of plaque from the mouth.
  • Cavities in the mouth are detected and treated at the earliest.
  • General dentistry restores damaged teeth through treatments.
  • It enhances the overall dental health of the patient. 

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