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Bone Graft

Bone Graft

Do you have a severe tooth fractured that is taking a lot of time to repair? Don’t fret! Your dentist will perform a Bone Graft procedure to increase the recovery time. Dive deep into the article to know more about the procedure.

What is a Bone Graft?

A bone graft is a surgical procedure that involves fixing problems associated with the bones or joints. It fixes the bones that are severely damaged due to trauma and injuries.

The procedure of Bone Graft is also performed when you want to grow bone around the implanted device. It either fills the area with an absent bone or offers structural stability. The dentist uses a bone from your body, involves a donor, or the ones that are solely synthetic for a Bone graft procedure.  It provides a framework to grow a new and living framework.  

Types of Bone Graft

There are the two most common types of Bone Graft:


Allograft involves acquiring bone from a deceased donor or cadaver.


Autograft includes bone from your body parts like your ribs, hips, pelvis, or wrist.

The type of Bone Graft entirely depends upon the type of injury your surgeon is treating.  

Why is Bone Graft Performed?

Bone Graft procedures involve several reasons like injuries and diseases. However, the other reasons for this dental surgery include issues like:

  • Multiple or severe dental fractures or the ones that take a lot of time to recover appropriately after any type of dental treatment.
  • When the joints are damaged.
  • Loss of bone due to damage from injury or infection.
  • Heal the bone around surgically implanted devices

Procedure Involved in Bone Graft

During the Bone Graft surgery, the surgeon gives you anesthesia to block any kind of sensation or put you to sleep. Then, a cut is made in the gum to get appropriate access to the bone that needs grafting. The bone is cleaned, and the damaged tissues are removed to prepare for the Bone Grafting treatment.

Then, by using different surgical techniques, the graft is gently placed on the bone. The cut is then closed and cleaned thoroughly to prevent any infection from the bacteria.  

After the surgery, apply an ice pack on the cheeks to prevent swelling, pain, or blood clots. Consume a healthy diet and, most significantly, soft food. Also, avoid the consumption of tobacco as it can make the situation worse.

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