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Oral Surgery in Cathedral City, CA

Oral Surgery in Cathedral City, CA

Oral surgery is any surgical procedure performed within the mouth or around the jaws by a dental specialist qualified to perform certain kinds of comprehensive or rudimentary dental procedures. An anesthetic may or may not be used, depending on the procedure.

Here are some of the types of dental procedures (major &minor) performed in the clinics:

Odontectomy (Separate the Gums to Remove Teeth)

Impacted teeth may not erupt in the mouth when they become trapped under bone and soft tissue. A third molar or any other tooth that has become impacted is removed by oral surgery, which involves cutting the gums, removing the bone, and precisely separating the tooth into pieces.

Tooth Extraction

The tooth is removed from the socket and the mouth by an extraction if it is beyond restorative treatment and cannot be salvaged with pulp therapy.


An excessively low or high frenum is strategically reattached when the attachment is severed.

Lengthening of crown

The crown lengthening procedure is performed to enlarge the appearance of a tooth's crown or correct gummy smiles. As part of this procedure, the bone is carefully scalloped off around the collars of the teeth, the gum is repositioned, and a prosthesis is made.

Removal of gum tissue(Gingivectomy)

Different reasons for gingivectomy may be prescribed, but in most cases, they are needed when the gums become hyperplastic due to gum disease or infection.

Gum Surgery

Patients with more severe gum issues may require a more comprehensive gum surgery procedure when scaling and cleaning no longer remedy the problem. In order to access the roots and deeper portions of the bone, the gum tissue will have to be incised, and soft tissue and bone grafts may also need to be placed.

Implant Placement

It entails the drilling of bone and the reflection of the flap. Dental implants are a very popular oral surgery procedure.

Jaw Surgery

A jaw fracture may result from an accident, or an orthodontic issue may require surgery to correct. Jaw surgery may also be necessary to remove any disease within the jaw. There are a number of complex techniques related to dental surgery, which are performed by highly skilled specialists, such as oral and maxillofacial surgeons.

Clefts Removal (Complex Cosmetic Surgery)

An oral cleft forms when teeth develop and fuse improperly, resulting in pits and cavities. Clefts can be corrected surgically by skilled oral surgeons.


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