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Bad Breath in Cathedral City, CA

Bad Breath in Cathedral City, CA

We all experience bad breath now and then. However, bad breath for some people is a daily issue, making finding a cure nearly impossible. Approximately 30% of the population suffers from bad breath in some manner. As a result of garlic or other foods with garlicky flavors, halitosis(medical terminology for bad breath, from Latin) is usually associated with the morning after awakening. However, there are other causes, including some beverages or tobacco smoke.

Bad breath and bad body odor can negatively impact personal relationships and a person's quality of life in severe cases. Some people may not even know they have bad breath and only learn about it from friends, relatives, or coworkers, causing discomfort and distress.

What Causes Bad Breath? How Can You Prevent It?

Bacteria from the mouth or the tongue may cause bad breath. Otherwise, bad breath can originate from inside or outside the mouth.

There are several causes of halitosis, including a bad oral hygiene routine, gum diseases, such as gingivitis and periodontitis, and dry mouth, which occurs when the salivary glands don't produce enough saliva to maintain a moist mouth.

Dental visits can determine if periodontal disease is the cause of bad breath and identify any potential mouth problems.

Common Causes of Bad Breath

There are a few instances in which bad breath can be caused by sinusitis, bronchitis, or gastrointestinal diseases. 

The condition of acute liver failure, diabetes, or advanced kidney disease can all lead to bad breath. Each of these conditions results in symptoms that precede bad breath, and a person should seek medical advice right away.

Here are some remedies for improving bad breath

The following tips can help improve your breath:

  • Using fluoridated toothpaste after meals, 
  • Brush your teeth at least twice a day.
  • Using tobacco or chewing tobacco-based products is not recommended.
  • Make sure you rinse your mouth with a mouthwash without alcohol before going to sleep.
  • Drink enough fluids all day to keep your mouth moist, and try over-the-counter moisturizing products like a spray, rinse, or gel to keep your mouth from drying out. 

Seeing an oral medicine specialist may help if you don't see improvement. 

In addition to caring for mucosal diseases, salivary gland disorders, orofacial pain conditions, and oral complications of cancer therapies, dental doctors also provide comprehensive care to patients.

Keep your mouth clean by visiting your dentist regularly. The majority of bad breath cases are related to oral problems.

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