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Comprehensive Exams

Comprehensive Exams

A comprehensive approach involves a holistic approach to understanding all the factors in your body to take care of your dental health. Your dental health is interconnected to your general well-being, so progressive dentists take an integrated approach to care for you as a whole person.

This type of dental work, done over time, can reveal a lot about your mouth and teeth, including the presence of gum disease and oral cancer in their earliest stages. It can also look at the condition of any dental work you've previously done. Dental teams use comprehensive exams to develop a care plan that fits your oral health and long-term needs.

How Soon Should I Schedule a Comprehensive Examination?

To detect any oral health problems early on, dentists recommend a checkup every 6-18 months. Patients are generally advised to receive a comprehensive dental exam of their oral health. Changes in dental routines or major health conditions are also occasions for an examination of your mouth.

Do Comprehensive Exams Take a Long Time?

A dentist who is experienced in conducting a proper evaluation will take slightly longer than a typical tooth cleaning appointment. Plan to spend approximately one and a half hours for your appointment.

Are Screenings Included in a Comprehensive Exam?

Yes. It is no doubt true. At our practice, we routinely perform digital X-Rays, gum disease screening, and oral cancer screening. 

Screening and Diagnostic Exams

The head and neck, as well as the soft tissues of the mouth, are examined extraoral and intraorally to detect early symptoms of diseases such as:

  • Oral cancer
  • TMJ disorder
  • Gum disease

Cleaning and Examining the Mouth

  • Examine existing dental work
  • Check for tooth decay, and
  • Evaluate your bite
  • Teeth cleaning¬†
  • Stain removal

We will discuss your specific needs and any additional diagnostic procedures such as radiographs or other images during your comprehensive dental exam. We will take digital x-rays for diagnosis based on the results of your comprehensive dental exam.

Final Assessment

We will examine your teeth, gums, and bones as part of our comprehensive examinations and evaluate your bite. We may also take intraoral photos with an intraoral camera. We will also make sure you have no hidden problems from your mouth to your jaw and neck. Gum disease and oral cancer screenings are also performed.

It is very important to schedule regular dental exams at intervals to maintain good oral health. This will ensure that your natural or replacement teeth remain functional and that your oral health remains unharmed.

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